Yacht Decks

Below is a list of our services.

New decks
We can install a new deck on any size of yacht. Depending on the project, budget and preference, this will be one of two methods; either traditional laying plank by plank or by templating and installing in modular panels. 

Depending on budget, we can complete a full re-caullk of the deck. Alternatively, we can re-caulk deck by deck or carry out spot repairs as needed.

Again, depending on budget, we can sand the deck in entirety, work deck by deck or carry out spot repairs as needed.

Plank replacement and repair
Full planks can be replaced or we can make invisible Dutchman repairs using specialised router templates.

Installation of deck fittings
Installation of any new, stainless fittings of all sizes and shapes (for example water sports tie-downs or stanchion sockets).

Our values

Client focus:
To listen to and fully understand our clients’ needs and provide a solution that meets those needs in full.

Clients will receive the service and backup support that exceeds all expectations.

We set ourselves the highest standards of execution irrespective of the size of job in hand.

Staff Development:
We offer a high level of care, training and experience within an inspiring and enjoyable working environment.

“DP Decks Ltd was appointed to sand the teak decks on board the yacht Zenobia in Toulon.

We are delighted with the result The decks are like new. The DP Team were very efficient, polite and hard working.

The overall project was completed swiftly, correctly and with care to the surrounding.”

If you have any queries, please drop us a line

"We’re here to respond to queries, questions or suggestions. For more information or a quote, please leave us your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can"

Mr Ross Paterson

“Not only did they bale me out, they managed to pull-off an amazing job of refurbishing and adding to an old deck, that many would have torn up. The owners are thrilled with their deck and I couldn’t recommend Yacht Decks more highly as a result. A real pleasure to deal with, and the lads worked like machines to keep on schedule, despite some very challenging refit conditions.”